Whether your clients are looking for a tropical beach paradise, world class game viewing or a cultural encounter, look no further than Kenya. With over 500km of beautiful Indian Ocean coastline, over 50 national parks and reserves and home to 42 different tribes boasting an eclectic mix of cultures and traditions, there are so many reasons to explore Kenya. Book your way to a number of exciting prizes!

Kenya boasts an eclectic mix of different cultures and traditions. Experience the famous Kenyan hospitality, learn more about traditional ways of life with a visit to a local village and pick up some traditional hand crafted jewellery.

The home of safari, Kenya boasts over 50 national parks, bursting with wildlife. Head to the famous Maasai Mara for a chance to glimpse the Big Five or the lakes of the Great Rift Valley, teaming with birdlife. Even Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi has its own national park where you can see four of the Big Five against the backdrop of the city.

For those after a little more adventure, visitors to Hells Gate National Park can ride, walk, cycle, rock climb and more or for the ultimate challenge, climb to the summit of Mount Kenya, Kenya’s highest peak.

With a number of different coastal areas to choose from there is something for every beach lover in Kenya. From the historical town of Mombasa and the bustling resorts on the southern coast to the northern beaches of Malindi and Watamu, which offer unparalleled scuba diving, kite surfing and deep sea fishing - the coast is the perfect end to any break in Kenya!